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The truth about Green or “Ethical” Funds

Have you ever wanted to invest in a Green Fund but wanted to know exactly where your money would be going? While many “Green Funds” avoid companies with practices that compromise environmental sustainability, social justice, or corporate governance, the truth is, not all of them do.

When considering investment options, it’s important to understand that not all companies practice full disclosure, so while some may appear to have corporate policies in line with your ethical beliefs, the case might be otherwise.

Stand-Up Advisor understands the importance of transparency when making investment decisions and can match you with ethical funds that reflect your lifestyle, financial situation and ethical choices.

We specialize in socially responsible strategies and investments (SRI’s) that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights and diversity, allowing you to invest in companies that practice full disclosure and transparency.

What is SRI?

Socially-responsible investing is an investment practice that seeks to maximize both financial return and social good through the application of various strategies, such as screening certain securities from investment consideration; removing stocks from a portfolio based on ethical obligations; investing in activities and companies believed to have a positive social impact; and Proxy Voting – a practice where a shareholder uses equity to put pressure on its management to influence change.

While all these strategies are considered ethical approaches to investing, Proxy Voting is the most powerful among them, allowing the investor to directly impact corporate policy through the purchase of what we call “Pro-Active” Green Funds. In addition to Proxy Voting, Pro-Active Green Funds monitor companies, are very transparent and have some of the best fund breakdowns.

Check out Stand-Up Advisor’s Albert Seliger talking about SRI’s on the CBC

Through Socially Responsible Investing you can:

  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Impact corporate policy
  • Earn a favourable financial return
  • Protect your investments from creditors (upon qualification)

You can also apply this strategy to registered or non-registered investments, education savings plan or to repay your Home Buyer Plan. 

Make your next investment count. For more information on Socially Responsible Investing, contact us today.